i cherish with fondness the day (before) i met you

a complete & comprehensive list of the rare movies titles I own on dvd:

Cool Runnings
Home Alone: Family Fun Edition
The Princess Bride: Special Edition
Raise Your Voice
Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining
Toy Story: Special Edition
When Harry Met Sally: Collectors Edition

I’ve still never ended up paying for any of the drugs I’ve done.


Pssst… There’s some free Zadie Smith fiction over this way…

"At first you maybe start to like some person on the basis of, you know, features of the person. The way they look, or the way they act, or if they’re smart, or some combination or something. So in the beginning it’s, I guess what you call features of the person that make you feel certain ways about the person. … But then if you get to where you, you know, love a person, everything sort of reverses. It’s not that you love the person because of certain things about the person anymore; it’s that you love the things about the person because you love the person. It kind of radiates out, instead of in."

- David Foster Wallace, The Broom of The System. (via unlikethestory)

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"The rise and fall of the urge to get in touch involves the complete overturn of your resolve. As if a giant leans down and plays with your pebbles of feeling - the rock of your conviction has become a mere pebble - and how easily the giant palms it, the giant of hankering that becomes the giant of need. Everything gives way to the desire to hear his voice - and it’s not quite alcoholism, though it’s certainly an addiction, since a mere drop, one gentle phone call, will satisfy."

- Elizabeth Hay, Alone in the Classroom


New shirt design. July 9th 1pst. #planningforburial

Marya Hornbacher, Wasted

Hey everyone!
We’ve had a bit of change in plans, and our LA showcase will no longer be held at ArtShare but instead will be graciously hosted by PLAY, located at 1018 S Santa Fe Ave in downtown LA.
Admission will be $12 at the door and $10 in advance, you can buy an advance ticket HERE.
You can find all the information for the event on our Facebook event page here too: https://www.facebook.com/events/1490854754485202/#
We’ll be selling compilation tapes put together specifically for this as well as pins, posters and likely some other cool things, who knows!~
Thanks so much, so excited for this :)

"I don’t like talking to people. When I talk to people, all the things about myself that I don’t like come to the surface. I don’t like knowing about myself. It’s tantamount to torture to have to understand, acknowledge and accept each and every one of my several hundred million selves. It’s self-derision, a one-player game, a one-person performance."

- Hitomi Kanehara, “Autofiction” (via eislekbackwards)

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"I was twenty-one at the time, about to turn twenty-two. No prospect of graduating soon, and yet no reason to quit school. Caught in the most curiously depressing circumstances. For months I’d been stuck, unable to take one step in any new direction. The world kept moving on; I alone was at a standstill. In the autumn, everything took a desolate cast, the colors swiftly fading before my eyes. The sunlight, the smell of the grass, the faintest patter of rain, everything got on my nerves. How many times did I dream of catching a train at night?"

- Haruki Murakami, A Wild Sheep Chase   (via 33113)

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here is a thing i made because embroidering is fun & monotonous work is fun & this song has been very important for a very long time