i cherish with fondness the day (before) i met you

"But I think, you know, sometimes, there’s a tendency — I think there’s a great temptation to sort of resist what it is you do naturally. And I think that in a way, because we all want to expand, we all want to grow, we all want to do as much as we can. But at the same time, I think we have to have some faith in what we can do, too. Because I think there’s a certain amount of value in what’s closest to you intuitively and what style and what, not so much material, but in terms of what vantage and what voice and what way of looking at the world is natural has some value as well."

- Mona Simpson in an interview with Claire Luchette,A Narrow Vantage: The Millions Interviews Mona Simpson” (via millionsmillions)


over at the fanzine, I teamed up with my friend tyler crawford to bring you this insightful & extremely scientific guide to vague relationships, complete with a chart & things.

Listening to Yo La Tengo albums in bed and crying when I’m by myself is v. important to me because I am a baby.

Tom Verlaine & Patti Smith


the past is never dead: a southern gothic rec list

the past is never dead: a southern gothic rec list

this is a landscape of hell-fire and damnation, of murder and blood and a sky aflame. don’t trust the preacher, don’t fall in love with that beautiful belle. look elsewhere for heroes, there are none to be found here. there’s smoke on the horizon and judgement day’s a-comin’. you don’t need to sell your soul at the crossroads to be the devil’s own, but come midnight you will, all the same. trust no one, keep your eyes open, and a gun on your hip. welcome to the south. you’d better hope you like it, because you’re never gonna leave.

  1. absalom, absalom! by william faulkner
  2. in cold blood by truman capote
  3. the little friend by donna tartt
  4. to kill a mockingbird by harper lee
  5. no country for old men by cormac mccarthy
  6. and the ass saw the angel by nick cave
  7. the violent bear it away by flannery o’connor
  8. a streetcar named desire by tennessee williams
  9. the ballad of sad cafe by carson mccullers
  10. a confederacy of dunces by john kennedy toole
  11. near dark by kathryn bigelow (dir.)
  12. deliverance by john boorman (dir.)
  13. winter’s bone by debra granik (dir.)
  14. vampires by john carpenter (dir.)
  15. from dusk till dawn by robert rodriguez (dir.)
  16. psycho by alfred hitchcock (dir.)
  17. mississippi burning by alan parker (dir.)
  18. a time to kill by by joel schumacher (dir.) 
  19. pig hunt by james isaac (dir.)
  20. interview with the vampire by neil jordan (dir.)

bonus: online for free

bonus: music

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I just want to fail my last exam already so I can:

A. Distract myself from the irrational jealousy I feel annually this time of year about all of y’all somehow being able to backpack across goddamn europe like it’s nbd by throwing myself into reading an obnoxiously long book for two weeks before my summer classes start and

B. Return to an era where I didn’t suffer war flashbacks associated with studying over the idea of drinking coffee.

Possibly extended to C. Be able to actually enjoy cigarettes again instead of anxiously chain smoking my existential dread at 4 am like an asshole.

Also thought about including D. Stop feeling incredibly stupid and worthless all the time, but I think that’s a pervasive and non-specific feeling that is ingrained in my personal character with good reason at this point.


Ian Curtis of Joy Division, at Paradiso, Amsterdam, January 11, 1980, by Lex van Rossen


I really do think we all should disagree and whatnot, but if you’re 2 cool for Is This It and Room On Fire to hold special places in your heart as perfect drinking/general good timez albums it admittedly makes me a little bit sad.


John Ashbery   |   From Notes From the Air: Selected Later Poems

Roberto Bolaño
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